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About Conkca

Conkca was founded by British designer D.J.Kennedy.

A creative obsession was forged from a youth spent between London and the Lake District, and fed a passion for design. These influences have culminated in the creation of beautiful, subtly branded products with the appeal of a past golden age of style.

The inspirational sentiments of British heritage are found throughout, with luxury vintage and the great outdoors remaining key to the design aesthetic. By merging luxurious, naturally hard wearing materials, Conkca's entire product range is built upon a foundation of durability. Look beneath the classic vintage surface and you discover a distinctly modern interior, packed with all the features needed for an urban lifestyle.

Our London design studio takes an avant-garde attitude towards transforming time honoured styles with innovative concepts to create original, limited edition, objects of desire.

The Result: An exclusive collection of modern day classics, perfect as a travelling companion for today's sophisticated individuals.

In A Nutshell

A cornerstone of the British school yard for centuries, the conker could otherwise be overlooked. Unassuming and understated, the conker is lavished with the care and attention deserving of skilled craftsmanship. The conker is then nurtured into a fierce school yard symbol that will witness a hundred victories, with every battle bringing new character to its surface.

At Conkca we endeavour to weave this enigmatic concept into everything we do, never standing still and always striving to improve, even reinventing the word Conker itself.

Conkca London is a trading name of Pure Luxuries London Limited. Pure Luxuries London Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with the registration number 07100423. UK VAT Registration Number: 983318103